About me

I am a third-year Physics Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Gravitational Physics, The University of Texas at Austin. I am interested in black holes (who isn't) and gravitational waves but specifically, I am interested in using Numerical Relativity to study black hole systems and using Bayesian statistical tools to perform parameter estimation on gravitational wave data. I use Einstein Tool Kit/Maya for my work related to Numerical Relativity and RIFT for my projects on gravitational wave data analysis. If you would like to know more about my research, here is the link to my Google Scholar. 

Before coming to Austin, I did my masters in Physics at the Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation, Rochester Institute of Technology (link to an article about my journey into Physics and my experience at RIT). I did my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka

In Arabic, my name is written as عاصم. I was born near Dammam, Saudi Arabia but ethnically I am a Kashmiri. If you would like to reach me, my email address is aasim.zahoor@utexas.edu and my office is at 4.232D Welch Hall, The University of Texas at Austin.